• Backed Asset Checker

    Validate an Assets WAX Backed Quantity

    • Useful for confirming before accepting trades

  • Funko Pack EV

    Shows the calculated Estimated Value (EV) of opening a Funko Digital NFT Pack for active drops

    • Determine if you should sell or take your chances opening a pack

  • Funko Leaderboards

    Leaderboards of the lowest mint Funko NFT collections

    • Collect and build a Royalty/Mastery set
    • Climb to the top of the leaderboard

  • Funko Realtime Pulls

    Watch in realtime as redeemables are pulled from Funko NFT packs

    • Watch for amazing hits without having to burn a pack
    • Perhaps try to time your RNG and pull a Grail?

  • Funko NFT Events

    Upcoming Funko NFT Events

    • Check out a list of events for upcoming Funko NFT activities

  • Funko 1 of 1 Hunter

    Funko 1 of 1 NFTs not Pulled

    • Funko 1 of 1 NFTs for still in packs, if your lucky they could be yours!